• An employer must register with the Commissioner within seven days after the day on which he employs his first employee.

  • An employer must register with the Commissioner by submitting Form W As 2 with the particulars required therein to the Commissioner.

  • These forms are available on the website of Department of Labour. Employers must make sure that they fill in all the questions on the form.  

  • During registration copies of the following documentation should be included:

    • the registration certificate from the Register of Companies if they are a company or closed corporation.

    • or their ID document, if they are sole owners of the business.

  • Employers can send the completed form by mailing it to:

PO Box 955

  • The Compensation Commissioner will send a postcard to the employer with the employers' registration number thereon.  

  • This process takes approximately 21 working days.

  • Please note that a separate registration must be completed for each separate branch of a business, unless an arrangement for combined registration has been made in advance at the Compensation Commissioner.

  • According to prescription, anyone who employs one or more part- or full-time workers must register with the Compensation Fund and pay annual assessment fees.

  • The Compensation Fund is a trust fund that is controlled by the Compensation Commissioner and employer contributes to the Compensation Fund.

  • The Commissioner is appointed to administer the Fund and approve claims lodge by employees or their dependents.

  • This means that the Fund will compensate the employee or their dependents and not the employer. 

Based on Legislation in section 1 (chapter IX), of the COID Act

 The annual assessment fee is of an employer is based on their employee's earnings and the risks associated with the type of work or profession. Before 31 March each year, all employers (including contractors) must submit a statement of earnings paid to all their workers from the beginning of March to the end of February.

Based on Legislation in section 82 (chapter IX), of the COID Act

Assessment fee = total employees pay ÷ 100 x assessment tariff.

Based on legislation in section 83 (chapter IX), of the COID Act

Assessment tariffs, reviewed annually, are based on the risks related to a particular type of work. Employers fall into one of over a hundred subclasses, each with its own assessment tariff.  (See the Compensation Fund Assessment Tariffs document - Industry Classifications, Classes, Subclasses and Assessment Tariffs – Compensation Fund)

Based on Legislation in section 85 (chapter IX), of the COID Act

Important is to note that if an employer's accident costs are higher than others in the same subclass, the assessment tariff may be increased.

To speed up the process, company owners can register themselves as employees and apply to COID instead of waiting for when they eventually have other employees

The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) - a Schedule 3A public entity - was established by Act of Parliament (Act 38 of 2000) to promote a regulatory and developmental framework that builds:

  • Construction industry delivery capability for South Africa’s social and economic growth.

  • A proudly South African construction industry that delivers to globally competitive standards.

The CIDB’s focus is on

  • Sustainable growth, capacity development and empowerment

  • Improved industry performance and best practice

  • A transformed industry, underpinned by consistent and ethical procurement practices
    Enhanced value to clients and society

You can access more information on the CIDB website http://www.cidb.org.za/contractors/Pages/Register-of-Contractors.aspx

First tier procurement tenders will be advertise on the SANRAL website at the following web address: www.nra.co.za click on service providers zone and then tenders, you will be able to view open tenders (currently open for tendering), closed tenders, archived tenders and awarded tenders

Tenders are also advertised on Department of National Treasury’s e-portal at https://etenders.treasury.gov.za/content/advertised-tenders

Tenders are also advertised on CIDB website https://registers.cidb.org.za/PublicTenders/TenderSearch

SAFCEC also publishes a tender bulletin for their members at https://www.safcec.org.za/

Most municipalities and national and provincial departments will have a physical tender notice board and/or an online notice board

Tenders are also advertised in National News papers

Subcontract tenders for SANRAL contracts only will be advertised on the SMME portal (insert link to follow)

  1. http://www.cidb.org.za/Pages/Home.aspx

  2. http://www.gpwonline.co.za/Gazettes/Pages/Published-Tender-Bulletin.aspx

  3. https://etenders.treasury.gov.za/user

  4. https://www.nra.co.za/service-provider-zone/tenders/

  5. I am a small contractor and have a CIDB grading of 1 CE, what must I do to get upgraded?

  • Refer to CIDB website

  1. How do I get onto SANRAL’s database?

  • SANRAL does not have a database we use the Central Suppliers Database (CSD) on which your company must be registered for all government tender opportunities, you can register at https://secure.csd.gov.za/

  1. Why can’t SANRAL give us the work instead of us having to tender for jobs?

  • SANRAL is a government entity that must follow the law as set-out in public finance management act (PFMA), because we work with public money all services must be procured by an open, fair and transparent process.

  1. I have a product/service to sell, who can I approach so I can arrange a meeting with them?

  • SANRAL as a government entity cannot procure services directly without following due process, but we can give your assistance and guidance on the appropriate process to follow or entity to contact, please send us detailed correspondence about your product/service to (email address) and I will ensure that it reaches the relevant person to take further action.

  1. Where can we get plant/equipment?

  • To hire plant please see a list of plant hire companies on our online portal or I can email a list to you.

  • If you want to purchase plant/equipment please email us what it is, you require, and the RTO will be in contact with you for further discussion

  1. Can SANRAL loan us money to finance our start-up businesses?

  • No SANRAL is not a registered financial services provider (FSP), but we have MoU’s with financial services agencies that might be able to assist you

  1. I would like to pursue a career in Civil Engineering, where do I start?

  1. I am a student and looking for experiential training, can SANRAL help me?

  • Yes, I can put you in touch with our internship coordinator……

  1. I have trucks/plant/equipment how do I get involved in SANRAL Projects?

  • This is part of 2nd Tier procurement, you can view opportunities on our online portal (provide details), we also advertise information sessions on our Portal so that you can attend for targeting contracts in your vicinity, you can also access a list of current ongoing contracts and contact the relevant contractor directly

  1. I want to open a quarry/sand mine how do I go about doing it and will SANRAL buy from me?

  • Please speak to the RTO

  1. I am looking for work, I am a carpenter/operator do you have any work for me

  • Please see our online portal for any opportunities (suggestion to include on our online portal) or look at the list of current contracts and contact the contractors directly.

  1. Why must I register my people for UIF?

  1. How do I register for VAT/UIF/SDL?

  1. I want to find out if SANRAL offers training for tendering or other construction related training?

  • SANRAL only do training when there is a project happening in the area, pre-tender training will happen during the design stage of the project, when a contract is awarded to a contractor, project specific training will be done

  • Training will be done as part of community or contractor development projects in the area

  • The CETA often requires that theoretical training must accompany practical training, hence it is coupled with ongoing projects

  1. Why is SANRAL not supporting black business, all the contracts are going to white companies?

  • SANRAL is guided by the PFMA and the PPPFA 2000, we also have a transformation policy to promote transformation with the sectors we operate in

  • We cannot deny any companies work if there are no valid/legal reasons not to award work to them

  1. I am a training service provider how can I get work on SANRAL projects?

  • Please see the SANRAL website for first tier procurement opportunities, and our online SMME portal for any opportunities, you can also contact the contractors directly to enquire about opportunities that we are not aware off

  1. I am a matric student and looking for a bursary to study further

  1. We want SANRAL to take over the roads in our town?

  • Our current mandate does not cover municipal roads, you must seek to address the issue with the relevant municipality or the minister of transport and Cogta.

  1. I see SANRAL upgrading gravel access roads in the Eastern Cape, why can’t you do it for us our Roads are bad.

  • Please give me your name and full details and your location and I will forward it to the relevant department to respond to you,

  1. Must we belong to a business forum/chamber to get contracts from SANRAL?

  • No, membership of a business forum/chamber is not a pre-requisite

  1. Why don’t SANRAL protect the local SMME’s and only give work to local SMME’s along the road?

  • The current public procurement legislation doesn’t allow for work to be set aside, this issue might be addressed in the public procurement bill

  • The problem with only giving work to local SMME’s in the area, is also unsustainable in the long-term, opportunities might be few and far between in one area and abundant and regularly in another area, there might be an undersupply of SMME’s in one area and an oversupply in another area

  • Opening tenders up allows for a more equitable distribution of work for all

  1. I drove through a pothole between A and B, will SANRAL fix my car for me? (or any those type questions)

  • Please give me your details, I will forward it to our statutory control department who will contact you

  1. SANRAL never fixed the roads in my area, they paid a contractor to paint the road (fog spray), why are you wasting money on painting the roads?

  • Please give me your details I will send your query to the relevant person to deal with it, as it is of a technical nature

  1. How do I open a bank account for my business and what documentation is needed?

  • The documents you need to open a business bank account in South Africa depend largely on the type of business structure you have.

  • This document list from Standard Bank is a good example of how the requirements vary across corporate entities.

  • It's crucial that you know in advance what documents you need to take to the bank, so call ahead to check.

  • Typically, you'll need to provide the following:

  • Proof of CIPC registration of your business - this might be a simple certificate or multiple documents depending on the business structure

    • Valid ID documents for the business owner and any other signatories on the account

    • Proof of address for either the owner (sole proprietors) or the business. Usually utility bills or similar documents are sufficient

    • Banking history of your business - three months of statements is often required

  • Some banks will require documents to be translated if they aren't already in one of the South African official languages.

  1. How do I register with SARS?

  • Once you register your company with CIPC, SARS will automatically send you an email with your company tax reference number

  • Any other registrations you require can be found on the SARS website

  1. Where and how can I get a BBBEE certificate?

  • For a business with a turnover of less than R10 million, a B-BBEE certificate is not required, but a sworn affidavit must be submitted with your tender. 

  • Customers can complete an Affidavit, signed by a Commissioner of Oaths, and hand it instead of the B-BBEE certificate. 

  • Once the Affidavit has been stamped and dates by a Commissioner of Oaths, the Affidavit serves as a B-BBEE certificate as no other verification is required for Exempted Micro Enterprises.

  • Check relevant requirements of entity you are tendering with

Attach relevant guide to BBBEE here

  1. I don’t have a bookkeeper/accountant what must I do?

  • Various companies on the internet will provide this service at a fee

We must maybe set up an MoU with an entity that can provide this for SMME’s at a minimal fee depending on size of organization???

  1. SANRAL is not looking after the interest of women/youth/military veterans/people with disabilities, what are you doing about it?

  • The current public procurement legislation doesn’t allow for work to be set aside, this issue might be addressed in the public procurement bill

  • Our current Transformation Policy however promotes targeted groups as mentioned above

  1. The contractor is refusing to pay me, what must I do?

  • Please provide me with your contact details and the project details I will escalate it to the relevant PM and RTO for investigation

  1. The contractor is deducting money from our payment certificate that we don’t understand, and he doesn’t want to explain it to us.

  • Please provide me with your contact details and the project details I will escalate it to the relevant PM and RTO for investigation

  1. The PLO is charging people money to get jobs is this common practice on SANRAL projects?

  • No please report the matter to the Fraud Hotline Number - 0800 204 558 it is tollfree and anonymous

  1. The contractor is not paying us because they say SANRAL have not paid them, what must we do?

  • Please provide me with your contact details and the project details I will escalate it to the relevant PM and RTO for investigation

  1. Why is SANRAL using consultants and contractors to complete their work?

  • SANRAL is an agency of the Department of Transport, like any other government department we make use of contracted service providers to support the implementation of our various mandates

  • This enables us to be more efficient as we have a bigger pool of resources to draw from instead of having limited access to an internal pool of resources

  • The numbers also vary according to our workload, so we do not have to pay out money for staff that have no work to do at certain points of the business cycle

  1. I need help with putting a tender together, can you assist me?

  • If it is a SANRAL sub-contractor tender, please approach the site staff for assistance

  • If it is a SANRAL first tier procurement tender can forward you a copy of a presentation that might help you

  • Unfortunately, we can’t assist you to complete the full document as it is a conflict of interest, neither can we assist you with completing another organisation’s document

  1. How can I access the SANRAL MoU agreements?

  • Please send me your contact details and what it is you require, and I will forward to the RTO who will contact you in due course.

  1. My total tendered price was for X amount, but after completing the project they only paid me Y amount, what happened to the money that was left over?

  • Please forward your query to the site staff who will be better able to discuss the matter with you visually and take you through it step by step.

  1. Why is the CIDB taking so long to complete my application?

  • We will note your query and make the CIDB aware of stakeholder’s concern in this regard, please also email or contact the relevant office to raise your concerns with their process

  1. I was a sub-contractor on a SANRAL projects, but the contractor has not paid out or retention money yet?

  • Please provide me all the necessary details so I can escalate this to the relevant project manager (Standard query form to be developed)

  1. The main contractor never issued us with letters of award, copies of our payment certificates, taking-over and/or completion certificates, they have gone bankrupt and we can’t get hold of them, we need it to upgrade for CIDB, what do we do?

  • TBA

  1. The sub-contractor I worked for never paid me

  • Please supply me with the relevant details, I will forward to the relevant PM to investigate, but also contact the DOL and report your employer

  1. My business and partner and I split up, he registered a new company, but the contractor kept him on and let me go, is this correct?

  • Please supply us with the relevant details I will escalate this to the RTO and relevant PM to investigate further

  1. We never completed all the work on our project due to budget constraints, the work was added to another project, why can we not be given that work to complete it without tendering?

  • When a project comes to an end the agreements reached on that project can’t be transferred to another project, the new project has its own rules and requirements, so to procure a service provider to complete the work an open, fair and transparent process must be followed.

  1. Why can’t SANRAL put out contracts targeting women/youth/etc. only?

  • The current public procurement legislation doesn’t allow for work to be set aside, this issue might be addressed in the public procurement bill

  • Our current Transformation Policy however promotes targeted groups as mentioned above

  1. I have evidence that one of SANRAL’s employees have acted unlawfully/fraudulently, whom do I report it to?

  • please report the matter to the Fraud Hotline Number - 0800 204 558 it is tollfree and anonymous

  1. We represent youth in Town A, how can we get on the PLC?

  • I will refer your matter to the stakeholder engagement coordinator

  1. The contractor didn’t pay us for the houses they rented from us.

  • Please provide us with the relevant details but try to follow a legal route as SANRAL was not privy to the agreement between the parties.